All cultures, lands and peoples have a time keeping system at the center of their unique presence on this Planet.

Throughout time, different levels of information have been withheld from the Fabric of society in all Cultures. The reasons for this are both diverse and complex. Suffice it to say that as the integrity of the spiritual consciousness of humanity expands in step with capacity, these missing pieces will be reformed. So to, were they removed as the capacity and integrity dwindled.

It may be disappointing to some people to note that this site does not have 2012 drama or the Mayan Calendar long count included. The primary reason for this is that the capacity to understand such large pieces of the puzzle is contingient upon the understanding of the small pieces. By understanding the day, many will find that much has been missed.

To study the day and focus upon it visually, as well as conceptually, will enable greater understanding in step with the flow of time.

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