Mayan Wave
  The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the progression of the 13 numbers or Uinals by way of symbolic animation of an ocean wave. The repeating energy patterns of the 13 numbers is the same progression as the 13 Uinals. Just that one is smaller scale than the other. In all cases, the energy of the 20 days are the more influential aspect, but to see the waves, is to see how they are applied. For instance, if it is 4/ is more important to know it is Batz than to know it is 4.

Knowing the 20 days and their proper sequence is essential to taking the next step to knowing how they are applied in a 13 day progression and again in the larger sense of 13 Uinals. This is an attempt to demonstrate the flow of the Sacred Chol'qi.

Contrary to the lessons taught by the Quiche' Maya, there are those who consider Imox the first day of a Uinal. This cannot be possible when examining the "why" of how the energies flow. It is important to know and will become obvious as study proceeds and more is revealed. " For more on this topic, study the 7th Uinal and note the progression or see articles related to this subject."
1 is the First surge. It is an intention that comes from the deep and has a strong push that lasts throughout the 13 day progression. When a wave forms in the ocean, it begins with a swell containing energy that stays until the shore is reached.

2 is the Choice of movement. This energy is the directional choice made by the wave upon realizing the surface. Other waves already formed will influence this energy even though it has a sense of free will.

3 is the Communication of choice. The choice is made and it becomes apparent with action. Now the wave has decidely communicated a direction of travel.

4 is Stability. At this point energy begins to gather from four directions and the wave is stabilized. The energy of the first intention is solidified. The foundation is set.

5 is Empowerment. Once stabilized, the next surge comes with confidence and is a strengthening energy. It will use the energy of the day to Empower the first intention. Power becomes obvious.

6 is Flow. Now the wave really takes off. It brings energy from the front as well as the rear and underneath. For a surfer, this is when you start paddling in alignment with the wave.

7 is Revelation. The strength of truth is revealed. The tip is formed. This symbolizes the creation realized by the action having carried to this point. The tip of white is a signal of accomplishment and unstoppable action.

8 is the Highest Male Authority. The tunnel is formed and the strength is now sufficient to stand on for a surfer. This actually brings the tip of the wave back into it's origin and directs itself with purpose.

9 is the Realization. Highest Feminine Authority. The wave rejoins the ocean mother bearing the original intention with all it's strength. This is communicated to the whole.

10 is Manifestation. The energy is made manifest as it roils and froths toward the shore. At this point the original intention has been made manifest and births through the energy of the tenth day. This communication is vibrated above and below.

11 is Transmutation of Knowledge. The shore now fully understands that the wave approaches and prepares to receive all it brings. The ocean offers up it's wisdom, and the gateway for landing is opened.

12 is Understanding the Complete Picture. The wave moves onto shore. This interaction brings changes through knowledge and wisdom. If running back up the beach to escape it, the point at which you can stop and still keep the feet dry is obvious. The point of understanding is acheived.

13 is Ascension. The wave recedes and leaves a blank slate. All the changes which occurred are revealed. The footprints are erased and new treasures are revealed as a segment of time containing a specific intention is completed.