Lesser Tarot Correlation, Water Quadrant  #'s..17 - 20

                         #'s 17 - 20 are the first 4 decans in the Water Quadrant of the solar year.

Follow the Swallow.

The feminine energy is escorted by the Jackal and taken through Libra into Scorpio where it manifests into the teacher.

This drawing will be explained in its entirety in its own article but must be featured here to illustrate the nature of the meaning of the decans in ancient egypt.

The journey into the water quadrant begins at the Fall Equinox when the Jackal leads the Swallow to the Scales. The product is the teachers of Dolphin and Tower, the Queens of Cups.

It is the empowerment of the feminine through examination and teaching of what is firm and correct. The three male decans of Libra are preceded by Swallow and followed by Dolphin and Tower. The process is the uplifting and support of the complete feminine energies on the spiritual journey. In Dolphin, the leap into the obsidian mirror of fixed water is accomplished. The product is realized in Tower, and is symbolized by a goose leading a bull on the Dendera Zodiac.

The first two decans of this set, are listed as both being ruled by Venus in the Hindu tradition.


# 17 Sept 13 - 22. The third decan of Virgo is Swallow. Venus.

The juggler is the precursor to the scales. She is able to infinitely balance the coins. This energy is independent, capable, purified, and ready for esoteric training.

From the I-Ching # 36..Link......For (the realisation of what is taught in) K Z ăn, (or for the regulation of the family), what is most advantageous is that the wife be firm and correct.

....... shows its subject establishing restrictive regulations in his household

....... shows its subject taking nothing on herself, but in her central place attending to the preparation of the food. Through her firm correctness there will be good fortune.

......... hows its subject (treating) the members of the household with stern severity. There will be occasion for repentance, there will be peril, (but) there will (also) be good fortune. If the wife and children were to be smirking and chattering, in the end there would be occasion for regret.

.........shows its subject enriching the family. There will be great good fortune.

...... shows its subject possessed of sincerity and arrayed in majesty.

Hokusai sees the temple on the hill. Mt Fuji is mostly white. The people are heading to the temple crossing what appears to be a land bridge through the water. The entrance to the village is dramatic and fashionable.

Left,....Photographer Miles Aldridge correctly captures Carmen Kass (model) born in Swallow. Link

A spoonful of sugar.   Right, is someone picking up on Kass and the pitcher.  Link

Virgo begins with a feminine desire for clothing and wealth and marriage. Swallow wears it and manages the finance.

Swallow energy is fashion and the balance of the physical. The original Fashion icon in America was the Gibson Girl.

Charles Dana Gibson was born during Swallow decan.  Wiki Link 

""Charles Dana Gibson (September 14, 1867 – December 23, 1944) was an American graphic artist, best known for his creation of the Gibson Girl, an iconic representation of the beautiful and independent American woman at the turn of the 20th century. ""

His drawings changed the world of fashion and birthed Mary Poppins. Women were so attracted, they all wanted to be swallows, which of course they are not.

She has their attention. Now, if only she had something very smart and spiritual to say that would have a meaningful and lasting effect on the entire community.


# 18 Sept 23 - Oct 3.  The First decan of Libra is Scales. Venus.

Back to back, Venus decans. This energy is inert and the element for Scales is Argon. This inert and meditative state is able to ascertain weights and measures. The eyes are not necessary. It is good to know, that on the Dendera Zodiac, all three decans of Libra have no eyes, but this decan does not even have a face. It is shown as a blank circle.

Two sets of ears, and an indicator dial mounted on the front of the third eye. Canine intuition. Cardinal Air will create wind, but first it must breathe in.

Colman-Smith was overburdened with the ten swords, but did find the inert.

I- Ching # 38. .LINK..."" Kh wei indicates that, (notwithstanding the condition of things which it denotes), in small matters there will (still) be good success.

...... He has lost his horses, but let him not seek for them;--they will return of themselves. Should he meet with bad men, he will not err (in communicating with them).

........shows its subject solitary amidst the (prevailing) disunion. (But) he meets with the good man (represented by the first line), and they blend their sincere desires together. The position is one of peril, but there will be no mistake.

........ shows its subject solitary amidst the (prevailing) disunion. (In the subject of the third line, he seems to) see a pig bearing on its back a load of mud, (or fancies) there is a carriage full of ghosts. He first bends his bow against him, and afterwards unbends it, (for he discovers) that he is not an assailant to injure, but a near relative. Going forward, he shall meet with (genial) rain, and there will be good fortune. ""

Hokusai nails it again !! Balance is the image.

Thomas Nast was born during Scales decan. He helped to shape the balance of forces in our culture while it was forming. He defended all races and saw the truth about the monetary based churches. LINK

He didn't invent the Donkey, but he added the elephant. His cartoons are credited for bringing Boss Tweed to justice.


Ayumi Hamasaki is free to express. She is a fashion icon and an artist of her own image. Wiki Link

The english ivy is the correct plant in Celtic astrology for Libra. The dove is also a symbol of the peace which comes from the scales. I Am is soveriegn and carries from the opposing Aries.http://www.avexnet.or.jp/ayu/index.html

Julie Andrews is born in Scales, the similarities with Swallow can be visualized in the character Mary Poppins.

She is great with children and handled the bankers with a firm smile.



Falcon decan is located here in occurrence but will be included in the four warning decans. The important aspect of it that should be mentioned here is the flying clay pot.

Falcon wants the clay pot to fly.  It is energy which seeks to elevate the spirit.


# 19 Oct 13 - 22. The third decan of Libra is Monkey. Mercury.

From the I-Ching # 40...Link ......."" In (the state indicated by) K ieh advantage will be found in the south-west. If no (further) operations be called for, there will be good fortune in coming back (to the old conditions). If some operations be called for, there will be good fortune in the early conducting of them.

...... shows that its subject will commit no error.

...... shows its subject catch, in hunting, three foxes, and obtain the yellow (= golden) arrows. With firm correctness there will be good fortune.

...... shows (its subject), the superior man (= the ruler), executing his function of removing (whatever is injurious to the idea of the hexagram), in which case there will he good fortune, and confidence in him will be shown even by the small men.

........... we see a feudal prince (with his bow) shooting at a falcon on the top of a high wall, and hitting it. (The effect of his action) will be in every way advantageous. ""  

from the commentary ( removal of small men,--unworthy ministers or officers; )

This energy is high flying. It is the energy of keeping track of things and enforcing the rule of the Scales. Truth and the defeat of venomous snakes. In the Tarot, her feet are not touching the ground.

In the Hindu image, there are three white arrows. This decan shares a white ball with Rope decan.

Capable of creating a spectacle. Agility and accuracy.

This decan is the egyptian archetype of Thoth. It is lean Mercury. The Ibis or Heron stands in the water with its head in the air. It feeds on fish which symbolize knowledge.

Hokusai sees a small gathering such as a tea house. Monkey and Bear decans both like tea houses.

The subject of the image is engraving into stone with a mallet.

Lawrence Herkimer born in Monkey decan was a founding force of cheerleading.

wikilink...""is an American innovator in the field of cheerleading. He created the Herkie cheerleading jump, which was named for him, and received a patent for the pom-pon. Herkimer has described his contribution to the field as taking it "from the raccoon coat and pennant to greater heights". ""

Teaching Girls to Fly.


Evel Kneivel was born during Monkey decan. He proved a man could fly. He broke bones 433 times.

From wikilink,....""One of Evel's qualities was that he had great pride in his core values. Throughout his career (and later life), he would repeatedly talk about the importance of "keeping his word". He stated that although he knew he may not successfully make a jump or even survive the canyon jump, he followed through with each stunt because he gave his word that he would. Prior to the canyon jump, Knievel stated, "If someone says to you, 'that guy should have never jumped the canyon. You knew if he did, that he'd lose his life and that he was crazy.' Do me a favor. Tell him that you saw me here and regardless of what I was, that you knew me, and that I kept my word."

Knievel would preach an anti-drug message to children and adults before each of his stunts. One organization that Knievel regularly slammed for being drug dealers was the" hells angels".

In one of his last interviews, he told Maxim Magazine, "You can't ask a guy like me why [I performed]. I really wanted to fly through the air. I was a daredevil, a performer. I loved the thrill, the money, the whole macho thing. All those things made me Evel Knievel. Sure, I was scared. You gotta be an ass not to be scared. But I beat the hell out of death." ""


Angela Lansberry born during Monkey,...was an actress who played a crime solver in a series called

"Murder She Wrote".

She was not a policewoman or employee of the state. She was just good at solving crimes. Determining truth.

""Jessica invariably proves more perceptive than the official investigators, who are almost always willing to arrest the most likely suspect. By carefully piecing the clues together and asking astute questions, she always manages to trap the real murderer, ""


October 16, 1968 was the iconic day of the power salute in the Olympics. It is fitting truth during this decan and a proper salute for this decan. It is an event which serves as a time stamp.

"" The event was one of the most overtly political statements in the history of the modern Olympic Games. "" LINK

Human rights champions are not afraid. They want to lift the people and help them fly. Help them.


# 20  Oct 23 - Nov 2  The First decan of Scorpio is Dolphin. Mars.

From I-Ching # 41,...LINK  "".In (what is denoted by) Sun, if there be sincerity (in him who employs it), there will be great good fortune:--freedom from error; firmness and correctness that can be maintained; and advantage in every movement that shall be made. In what shall this (sincerity in the exercise of Sun) be employed? (Even) in sacrifice two baskets of grain, (though there be nothing else), may be presented.

....... shows its subject suspending his own affairs, and hurrying away (to help the subject of the fourth line). He will commit no error, but let him consider how far he should contribute of what is his (for the other).

....... shows that it will be advantageous for its subject to maintain a firm correctness, and that action on his part will be evil. He can give increase (to his correlate) without taking from himself

........ shows how of three men walking together, the number is diminished by one; and how one, walking, finds his friend.

........ shows parties adding to (the stores of) its subject ten pairs of tortoise shells, and accepting no refusal. There will be great good fortune.

......... shows its subject giving increase to others without taking from himself. There will be no error. With firm correctness there will be good fortune. There will be advantage in every movement that shall be made. He will find ministers more than can be counted by their clans. ""

It is the veil between the water and the water. The obsidian mirror. The place of a spot in time-space where there is a hole and a set of gifts.  This is Aphrodite.  Poseidon promised her she wouldn't drown. She was born of the froth riding upon the waves. It is the energy of mermaids and water spirits.

She may travel the seas to foreign lands.   Timely movement.  Hard working and productive energy.  Calcium is the element, and the human being is a "calcium supported water bag".  Revelation of choices.

Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across the english channel. Afterward she received a tickertape parade in NYC attended by 2 million people, and played herself in a movie based on the event called,.."Swim, Girl Swim"

She was nicknamed "Queen of the Waves".    wikilink

The story of Dolphin is the story of a woman who reaches a distant shore.

She was 20 years old at the time.


Annie Edson Taylor climbed into a wooden barrel and floated over the Horseshoe Falls of Niagra.

It was her 63rd birthday. October  24, 1901 she became the first person to survive a trip over the falls in a wooden barrel. They called her," The Queen of the Falls."

She did this on the day of Kawoq. Kawoq specifically states," survives rains and floods". Kawoq is adjacent to Dolphin.

Whatever any person is afraid of, it cannot be fear, that led Taylor into the barrel.

Afterward she said, " Noone ought ever do that again."   The energy has achieved a state of fearlessness. It is ready to manifest a teacher.

The only thing to fear is fear itself. Stay away from False gods.


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