Lesser Tarot Correlation, #'s  13 - 16. Fire Quadrant

Aug 3   -     Sept 12

As we travel along from Cancer to Leo the first decan of Leo is skipped because of its status as a warning decan. This brings us to the second decan of Leo, Hunter. Here, we do not find a Lion but a centaur with a penchant for advancement and aquisition of territory that comes by way of military agression or the retirement of a previous "more capable" leader. This energy carries through the rest of Leo and into Virgo. These four decans are about the youth of the soul expressing desire for advancement and accumulation of tangible security, wealth, clothing, and marriage. Using one word descriptions for the four, all would be premised by the words "security of". Hunter, advancement, Bear, physicality, Virgin, emotions, Quill, money. Clothing and marriage also apply to all four.  When young lions come of age, the males must leave the pride or live on the outskirts , while the females must take the position of pride support. This stage of the zodiacal energies is present here in the last four of the fire quadrant.

 # 13  Aug 3 - 12. The second decan of Leo is Hunter. Jupiter.

From the I-Ching # 33 ..... shows a retiring tail. The position is perilous. No movement in any direction should be made.

......shows its subject holding (his purpose) fast as if by a (thong made from the) hide of a yellow ox, which cannot be broken. 

...... shows one retiring but bound,--to his distress and peril. (If he were to deal with his binders as in) nourishing a servant or concubine, it would be fortunate for him.  

..... shows its subject retiring notwithstanding his likings. In a superior man this will lead to good fortune; a small man cannot attain to this.

...... shows its subject retiring in an admirable way.

...... shows its subject retiring in a noble way. It will be advantageous in every respect.


The lessons of letting go from cancer are learned here in the older Leo. The two older figures on the porch of Hokusai's rendition are not interferring or involving themselves in the affairs of the younger.

The straps, the wreaths on head. Surrounded by the people. Activity of popular focus. Any four-legged indicates stability of position, posture, or dwelling.  "Feeling compelled", and "being qualified" are two different matters. Either way, the people are attracted. The energy of Leo brings leaders of people who get them 'fired" up. Obama is this decan. His primary function is to "fire" up the people. It matters not what the words are. He was born with the ability and magnetism. It is not possible in our society now, but if the teachings are there at a young age, there are different outcomes. Spiritual teachings are ignored by those who find vast physical success and acclaim in this young decan. It is new. The heart has desire.  The tails of horses are tied in this manner to allow ease of breeding and there are a healthy number of porn stars in this decan. John Holmes the original.

Hokusai sees it as an entire family on the viewing deck of a house. One man with gov't markings is pointing to the castle on the right of Mt Fuji.  The mountain is blue and white. He is telling them where the soveriegn is stationed. Most care, some do not. The diagonal lattice, has carried from Boar decan. The fabric grows into territories. Look !, that is where he lives, the one who chased the bad man away. He is our new leader. New generations bring new leaders.

Again, anything listed here as example, is neither endorsement nor judgement. But, my personal opinion is that Obama could have benefited greatly from proper spiritual intsruction. Born ....Aug 4, .... Hokusai nailed it again !.... In May 2012, he became the first sitting U.S. president to publicly support legalizing same-sex marriage.

Open acceptance of variety of life good. Killing innocent people bad.  Blue and white Mt Fuji. Don't feed the Bears.

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi  born Aug 2, LINK...  was a sculptor who also designed the statue of liberty, but here shows the flagrant nature of the hunter.

 It takes a fair sized ego and lots of pride to see yourself as the driver of this chariot.



# 14 Aug 13 - 22. The third decan of Leo is Bear. Mars

From the I-Ching # 34 link... Tâ K wang indicates that (under the conditions which it symbolises) it will be advantageous to be firm and correct. ........

......shows its subject manifesting his strength in his toes. But advance will lead to evil,--most certainly.  ( special note, I have not seen anywhere else in the I-Ching use the words" most certainly " although possible I missed it) ...

......shows that with firm correctness there will be good fortune. ......

.....shows, in the case of a small man, one using all his strength; and in the case of a superior man, one whose rule is not to do so. Even with firm correctness the position would be perilous. (The exercise of strength in it might be compared to the case of) a ram butting against a fence, and getting his horns entangled.


          One red guy fighting everyone. One Bear with a club. He has a bullseye on his groin. His beard is whispy and scarce in the front. He offers food sincerely, and the club. This is the decan for the defenders of the people against physical threat.

Once ya git a new territory, ya gotta defend it. This energy is quite necessary and great attention should be given it. It is dangerous energy if without proper counsel and spiritual instruction. Spiritual instruction is wrong to teach abstinance here. This will only chase them away. The carpenters need wine and the killers need ladies.

There is a built in intuition and this reflects on the military attempts at remote viewing. A bear has great sense of smell and hearing. A person is fortunate to have this energy around them. The Bear is world famous for protecting the young.

The nice tea house in a poor district. Bears will be here. Time to hibernate in piles. In times of peace or oppression, the defenders seek shelter in remote places with parties or comfort.

Ginger Baker,.......Link..His personal website carries the greeting " "Am I to blame if people try...
to emulate my life and die?"
  ,.....  He is a badass with clubs. He also took an all black polo team against the rich white "professionals" of South Africa, and won.  If one is to wrestle a Bear, one must account for the obvious advantage of weight, claws, and teeth. Don't forget about the knife in the snakeskin boot.

The Bear energy seeks privacy away from urban areas to re-energize or retire.  Hair mostly under chin. Easily roused.

Norman Schwarzkopf ,.. born August 22, 1934), also known as "Stormin' Norman" and "The Bear" previous commander of Iraqi occupation.

Stanley Allen McChrystal (born August 14, 1954)  previous commander of Afghanistan occupation.  Pictured here is ....................................Hunter and Bears.

The differences are stark , the similarities are undeniable. If the Bears are insane, we all need to run. Please contact all Bears and make sure they have tea and ladies. This way, is better. No gunpowder for you. Try drumsticks instead.




#15  Aug 23 - Sept 2. The first decan of Virgo is Virgin. Mercury.

From the Hindu description; It is a female decan ruled by Mercury. (Aug 23- Sept 2)
A girl carrying a pot of flowers is on her way to the temple. She is wearing dirty clothes and desires
wealth, clothing, and marriage.

From the I-Ching #;  link ... In Žin we see a prince who secures the tranquillity (of the people) presented on that account with numerous horses (by the king), and three times in a day received at interviews.

........shows one wishing to advance, and (at the same time) kept back. Let him be firm and correct, and there will be good fortune. If trust be not reposed in him, let him maintain a large and generous mind, and there will be no error

...... shows its subject with the appearance of advancing, and yet of being sorrowful. If he be firm and correct, there will be good fortune. He will receive this great blessing from his grandmother.

....... shows its subject trusted by all (around him).

....... shows its subject with the appearance of advancing, but like a marmot. However firm and correct he may be, the position is one of peril.

{ from the I-Ching commentary: ..She is the Great Ancestress of the human race. .... 'Imperial Mother' (p. 164):--'That is, the wife of Imperial Heaven .....}

      These archetypes are the target of fear based religions who well know the astrological properties of this energy. Without Virgo,....it falls.  Hence,.. the archetype of the Virgin Mary....is bait for the unaware.

If 13 is the House and 14 is the fight,.... here is the prize. She wants to be financially secure and physically protected. She wants to go to the temple and is unaware of the little man behind the pillar.

Fertile ground. The little man sees her, and knows what to do. Her contributions form the pillars of the false churches.

Mercury in Virgo wants to communicate what is right and secure. By being easily led to worshipping false gods, means the connection to heart is there, but not the connection to cunning. Change is only warranted when there is discomfort. So, fear and security are a factor.  If she falls on hard times, the little man pounces with gifts. Must be from god !

Security comes from properly planning the crops, not the little man. Silly girl.  You need no intermediary.  The unexplained "miracles" happen without the intermediary. Seek counsel from those with nothing to gain.

Arm positions.

Mt Fuji is black and white. The ground is ready for seed or just starting to show fruit. Farming is obvious.

As is thatch roofing.

The tarot card for the entire sign of Virgo is the knight of pentacles.

Plowed ground. Ready for seed. Red is desire.

Mary Burchell aka Ida Cook (b. 24 August 1904... Ida Cook wrote more than 125 romance novels as Mary Burchell

Ida Cook and her sister Mary Louise Cook (1901–1991) rescued Jews from the Nazis during the 1930s. The sisters helped 29 people escape, funded mainly by Ida's writing.

She wrote her autobiography in 1950, We Followed Our Stars , later re-edited and expanded as Safe Passage , which is currently in print.

It is not possible to make this stuff up. Went to wiki, typed in Aug 24, and clicked on the first womans name under births.

Ida Cook , chose the name Mary as her ghost name.

Notice how there's always a man in the background. Scandal erupting from contact with the man behind the curtain or pillars.  The need for security combined with misplaced trust. These are the widows who leave their money to the church.

Frank Gasparro (August 26, 1909 – September 29, 2001) was the tenth Chief Engraver of the United States Mint.

Gasparro's first major successful coin design was his redesign of the reverse of the Lincoln cent , as part of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.

Little man behind the pillars. Virgin.

The small goat wants to advance up the mountain, but is not as sure footed as the mountain goat.



# 16  Sept 3 - 12. The second decan of Virgo is Quill. Saturn.

 From the I-Ching # 36,,.    Ming Î indicates that (in the circumstances which it denotes) it will be advantageous to realise the  difficulty (of the position), and maintain firm correctness.

...... shows its subject, (in the condition indicated by) Ming Î, flying, but with drooping wings. When the superior man (is revolving) his going away, he may be for three days without eating. Wherever he goes, the people there may speak (derisively of him).

........ shows its subject, (in the condition indicated by) Ming Î, wounded in the left thigh. He saves himself by the strength of a (swift) horse; and is fortunate.

....... shows its subject, (in the condition indicated by) Ming Î, hunting in the south, and taking the great chief (of the darkness). He should not be eager to make (all) correct (at once).

....... shows its subject (just) entered into the left side of the belly (of the dark land). (But) he is able to carry out the mind appropriate (in the condition indicated by) Ming Î, quitting the gate and courtyard (of the lord of darkness).


       Doing income and expense, is comparable to doing laundry. In fact, when dirty money becomes clean, they call it laundering money.

       The Hindu description for Virgin says, " wants clothing and marriage"....The fur is a symbol of "desire to cover the body"...it translates to clothing. This energy brings the microscope into the financing. The Virgin doesn't consider cost, but the Quill does.

The three of pentacles is not discussing design, but expenses. Artists are seldom on budget.

As long as the water wheel turns, all is good. When doing community laundry, everyone has to make sure they leave with what they brought. We don't mind losing a sock or two. But, not the shirts off our backs !!!

Everyone gather the laundry and make sure we got everything. Mt Fuji is black and white, smidge of blue.

Marianne von Werefkin sept 11 1860...self portrait and another. Don't steal her laundry.

Francisco Javier Clavijero Echegaray (sometimes Francesco Saverio Clavigero ) (September 9, 1731 – April 2, 1787)  Wiki Link

" He was born in Veracruz (Mexico) of a Spanish father and a Criolla mother. His father worked for the Spanish crown, and was transferred with his family from one town to another. Most of the father's posts were to locations with a strong indigenous presence, and because of this Clavijero learned Nahuatl growing up. The family lived at various times in Teziutlán, Puebla and later in Jamiltepec, in the Mixtec region of Oaxaca. "

Holding Paper. Holding accountable.

Link to site of Image.

" In contrast to many of his contemporaries, Clavigero promoted a view of the Indigenous as peaceful and good, while heavily criticizing the actions of the Spanish conquistadors. Clavigero's work is seen today as overly sentimental and unreliable, but it is still read by many historians who seek detailed information about early American daily life. "

" In those five years he examined with great curiosity all the documents relating to the Mexican nation that had been collected in large numbers in the Colegio de San Pedro y San Pablo, and with great determination extracted from them precious treasures that later were published in the history he left for posterity. "

Time is a process for manifesting faithful loyal companions.

It is good to keep track of things. Do it for the people.

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