Lesser Tarot Correlation, Fire Quadrant  #'s.. 9 - 12.

  Decan numbers 9 - 12   are in the Fire Qudrant.

Link to 36 views of Mt Fuji.


# 9 June 11 - 20. The third decan of Gemini is Pheonix. Venus.

   This decan is particularly complex and most people think the 2 of swords is Libra. It is the duality of Gemini in a Venus ruled decan.  Having made the case for the 4 and 3 of swords being properly correlated here in Gemini, there is no where else for this image to go. The woman sits at the edge of the water, (gemini to cancer). Hamstrung by the requirement to use the swords, Colman-Smith had to put them somewhere. They are the twins. The art examples will show it. There is a huge difference between artists with autonomy, and those who work within the constraints of outside influence. The decision in Gemini, is not the weighing of the scales, it is the dualistic aspect of twins.

From the I-Ching # 29,.link here..." shows its subject in the double defile, and (yet) entering a cavern within it. ,.... shows its subject, whether he comes or goes ( =descends or ascends), confronted by a defile. ,.... shows the water of the defile not yet full, (so that it might flow away); but order will (soon) be brought about. ,..... shows its subject bound with cords of three strands or two strands, and placed in the thicket of thorns. "

She has 2 swords. He has two arrows in pouch, and one in hand. The outfit is tied together with 2, sometimes 3, cords.

Where is the bowstring ? The thread is the "cords". Head band.

The 9th view is focused on a large cylinder. There are ropes or "cords" nearby. All three images have a single person with a weapon or tools in their hand. He is using a sharp scraper, and two other tools are inert.

Nicolas Poussin, Born June 15, 1594. Link , Is Pheonix decan. Here he paints a classic, "Dance to the Music of Time".

The two cords hang on the statue of the twins. He is winged (pheonix is a bird decan) and playing an instrument with geometric similarities with objects in both hands of the Hindu image. The Bow is the top and the left hand is in proximity to the circle. The cylinder is featured in the sky.

Jacques Pellegrin born June 17, 1944,  piants the twins and the pheonix. Quote from the wiki page, Link  ,...

" His fundamental guideline: to paint and depict his epoch, his time."

So, moving from mutable air to cardinal water, brings passion, music, flowers, and the struggle to separate the twins.

The polka dots are from Thread. They transfer to the head of the pheonix in his "hat". This issue of the 2 swords will clarify itself in the decans of Libra. 2 is not a cardinal number, it is mutable.



# 10 June 21 - July 1. The first decan of Cancer is Boar. Moon. Cancer is cardinal water.

I - Ching # 30,..Link ,... Lî is the name of the trigram representing fire and light, and the sun as the source of both of these. .....Let (its subject) also nourish (a docility like that of) the cow, ..... shows its subject in his place in yellow. ,.....shows the manner of its subject's coming. How abrupt it is, as with fire, with death, to be rejected (by all)! ....from the commentary,.." Yellow is one of the five correct colours, and here symbolises the correct course to which the subject of the line adheres. "

Where the tarot captures the essence of Boar when all is well and good, the Hindu image wholistically captures the essence of its entrance and strength of abrupt energy. Hokusai sees this energy as sweeping and chaotic as a sudden wind. In the Asian cultures, abrupt and loud entrances are frowned upon.

The three combined show a burst of energy to the home life. The thud of a large rock as it hits the ground. The large bowl of food is placed in the center of the table with a thud. Eat !, or face the consequences ! Do not bring misery and sorrow into the happy home. This decan may be listed as ruled by the moon, but do not discount the sun. The Fire quadrant is centered by the sun. Is Power. Water and Sun makes rainbow. Success in Yellow.

The papers in the wind are also indicative of mass communication initiation. The surge behind the spread.

Helen Keller, blind, and deaf, was a miraculous advocate for the disabled.

Her champions are the Lions Club, who support and advocate the causes for the Blind. Helen Keller mastered her true purpose. Born June 27, 1880.  is 1 Batz, Decan of Boar. The day of Family, in the Decan of Home.

Both images below contain the exact geometry as the Hindu image. They were her favorite places and feature prominently in her recollections. Time is a process of forming a fabric. The thread is now lattice.

The implementation of the Braille System and Leader Dog training schools, was a huge plate of food.

She found success in Yellow, as the I-Ching stated. The Lions Club continues to aid the Blind. All over the world.

Her speech so moved the club, it was as a large boulder thudding at their feet.   " Link to Lions Club "

Boar is in the Fire quadrant. The Quandrant of the Lion. The speech is delivered in Boar decan.

Helen Keller's Speech at 1925 International Convention   " Link to source"
Cedar Point, Ohio, USA
June 30, 1925

Dear Lions and Ladies:

I suppose you have heard the legend that represents opportunity as a capricious lady, who knocks at every door but once, and if the door isn't opened quickly, she passes on, never to return. And that is as it should be. Lovely, desirable ladies won't wait. You have to go out and grab 'em.

I am your opportunity. I am knocking at your door. I want to be adopted. The legend doesn't say what you are to do when several beautiful opportunities present themselves at the same door. I guess you have to choose the one you love best. I hope you will adopt me. I am the youngest here, and what I offer you is full of splendid opportunities for service.

The American Foundation for the Blind is only four years old. It grew out of the imperative needs of the blind, and was called into existence by the sightless themselves. It is national and international in scope and in importance. It represents the best and most enlightened thought on our subject that has been reached so far. Its object is to make the lives of the blind more worthwhile everywhere by increasing their economic value and giving them the joy of normal activity.

Try to imagine how you would feel if you were suddenly stricken blind today. Picture yourself stumbling and groping at noonday as in the night; your work, your independence, gone. In that dark world wouldn't you be glad if a friend took you by the hand and said, "Come with me and I will teach you how to do some of the things you used to do when you could see?" That is just the kind of friend the American Foundation is going to be to all the blind in this country if seeing people will give it the support it must have.

You have heard how through a little word dropped from the fingers of another, a ray of light from another soul touched the darkness of my mind and I found myself, found the world, found God. It is because my teacher learned about me and broke through the dark, silent imprisonment which held me that I am able to work for myself and for others. It is the caring we want more than money. The gift without the sympathy and interest of the giver is empty. If you care, if we can make the people of this great country care, the blind will indeed triumph over blindness.

The opportunity I bring to you, Lions, is this: To foster and sponsor the work of the American Foundation for the Blind. Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness; no little deaf, blind child untaught; no blind man or woman unaided? I appeal to you Lions, you who have your sight, your hearing, you who are strong and brave and kind. Will you not constitute yourselves Knights of the Blind in this crusade against darkness?

I thank you.


       When the energy goes from mutable air in the earth quadrant, to cardinal water in the fire quadrant, . this is where territorial lines are established. The Lion and the Water Buffalo occupy the same grassland.

Verboekhoven. born June 18, 1798,  this is the trip from 3rd decan gemini to Boar. 1 and 2 of the Fire quadrant.

Lion, Fire.   ,...............................Bull earth.    Line between the Bull and the Lion.  Pheonix is the line and the separation of the twins. Boar is the energy of charge toward the rainbow.



# 11 July 2 - 12. The second decan of Cancer is Snake. Mars.

I-Ching # 31..Link... ",... shows one moving his great toes. ,..... shows one moving the calves of his leg. ,... shows one moving his thighs, and keeping close hold of those whom he follows. ,... If its subject be unsettled in his movements, (only) his friends will follow his purpose. ,.... shows one moving the flesh along the spine above the heart. ,..... shows one moving his jaws and tongue "

The cups are content. The arm positions are interesting. Something on the head. If the Hindu image was colored, the leaves would be red. The home is important to snake and they are well pleased to be entertaining family and guests.

Hokusai sees it as fixing the roof (in a panic), which is a comfort to this energy.  The workers are working for the contentment of the inhabitant. When the roof leak is fixed, the secure comfort of home is once again,..content. Have you ever heard , the dripping of the roof leak into the pot ? !!  You fix NOW.   tender hearts

The 11th decan is the 11th drawing of Hokusai. The shell of the crab is maintained.

Frida Kahlo born July 6, 1907.  It is divine feminine earth energy. If intuitive, need instructions. This decan is opposite the day of Ix. Earth Mother. Frida did it. She let go. Her self portraits are an honest example and a great, time stamp.

All three images tied together.



# 12 July 13 - July 22,.  The third decan of Cancer is Turtle. Jupiter.

I - Ching # 32. ,LINK...." Hăng indicates successful progress and no error (in what it denotes). But the advantage will come from being firm and correct; and movement in any direction whatever will be advantageous. ".... shows its subject deeply (desirous) of long continuance..  ,.... shows one who does not continuously maintain his virtue. There are those who will impute this to him as a disgrace. ,...... shows a field where there is no game.  ,.... shows its subject exciting himself to long continuance.

Cancer is known to rule the stomach, the images reflect the movement into the doudenum as difficult.

Knot in tail.

Knot in Tail.    This is the 12th View, .....Mt Fuji shown only as a dark blue point. Hokusai nails it.

László Moholy-Nagy born July 20, 1895 ,..

Rembrandt,...born July 15, 1606  a self portrait and a depiction of the storm on Galilee.

Cardinal water ends with angst, and a seaward journey into acceptance of slight, emotional constipation.

To understand Cancer, examine the product of the 3 water signs. The combination of the Moon, Mars and Jupiter are the trials of inward travel and the exploration of emotion. Turtle, Yogi, and Lion all have something in common.

Of these 3, Turtle and Yogi are the easiest to connect.


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