The Rider-Waite Tarot, Lesser Arcana Correlation   Earth Quadrant.

The I-Ching, Mayan days, and the Tarot are known as divination systems, so there is a solvable link between them. A common language can be seen through examination. Find the divine underwriter.

This is not a newfangled attempt to re-organize the tarot. It is simply being correlated according to the precise alignments it has with the I-Ching, the Mayan days, the Decans, and the inidividual artists born during the specified periods. We are looking for a match of 72 cards. The deck has 78 so the 6 cards that are added or don't fit into the universal order are singled out first. The I-Ching and the Mayan days do not use 0.

The 0 or Fool card is you before the birth or before the leap onto a new path.
The 21 or universe card is the whole world and sky. The Center.
The four Pages could plug in as redundant of the four warning decans, but do not plug in anywhere else. They are also, all four of similar structure. They could be youthful aspects of the four elements.

There's the 6 that will remain unaddressed in this article.

The base 72.

The major arcana 1 -20 are the 20 days, and the first 20 hexagrams of the I-Ching. The symbolism and descriptions are very precise.
Left with 52.

The four Aces are the four elements. Left with 48.

The King, Queen and Knight cards are the 12 zodiac signs or houses. Queens are fixed, Kings are cardinal, and Knights are mutable. Left with 36.

This leaves the 2 – 10's of each element to correlate and this will show the 36 decans.

The 8,9,10's are the cardinal signs. The 5,6,7's are the fixed signs. The 2,3,4's are the mutable signs.
Wands are Fire, Pentacles are Earth, Swords are Air, Cups are Water. 4 x 9 = 36.

To do it right, the 36 will be listed in order starting with Aries, 1- 8 in the earth quadrant, and paired with images from other systems for calibration. This is part 1 of, a 5 part series that will walk artistically through the 36 decans. 8 in 4 quadrants, then the four warning decans.

The first 8 decans are in the earth quadrant.

By element, This is the earth quadrant moving clockwise from the start position of the Vernal Equinox.

The # 1 means, .......

# 1 Decan in the Egyptian solar year,

# 1 Decan of the Hindu drawings from 36,

# 1 View of Mt Fuji from the original set of 36.  Link Here to Full Set

# 1 Decan of the modern zodiac year beginning with Aries.

The I- Ching starts the decans with # 21, the first 20 hexagrams being the 20 days.

# 1 March 21 - 31. * begins on Vernal Equinox. The First decan of Aries is Ax. Mars. Aries is Cardinal Fire.

The first decan out of the gate contains great energy and determination. Strength of stance.

Energy is abundant overhead. The eyes ward off any threat. These are the Guardians seen outside the Chinese restaurants.

Color: White is truth. Red is desire. Brown is stability.

Below, Hokusai's , view # 1 of the 36 views of Mt Fuji. The guys in the boats are determined.

They are all in a hunkered down position.

Lady Gaga , born in Ax. She is free to express. The hand is a match, as are the head pieces.

From the I -Ching # 21. Link . It will be advantageous to use legal constraints.  ... shows one with his feet in the stocks and deprived of his toes. .... shows one biting through the soft flesh, and (going on to) bite off the nose. ....

shows one gnawing dried flesh, and meeting with what is disagreeable. ..... shows one gnawing the flesh dried on the bone, and getting the pledges of money and arrows. It will be advantageous to him to realise the difficulty of his task and be firm,--in which case there will be good fortune. .... shows one gnawing at dried flesh, and finding the yellow gold. ..

.. shows one wearing the cangue, and deprived of his cars.  (a cangue is..stocks,.. worn on the shoulders)

# 2 April 1 - 10.  The second decan of Aries is Horse. Sun.

The battle is over, it's time to count the reward, and eat bon bons. Productive work energy.

The wands are now stacked where they can be counted. Energy from the sun. Ornaments and displays.

Wands are fire and birthday candles must be lit to be effective wish fulfillment tools.

Jane Asher was born during Horse decan. Accomplishment in mutliplicity and cakes too. Free to express.

The cake on the right is a work of art that ties the wands into the horses head.

View # 2 displays a warm quiet Mt Fuji, basking in the radiance of the sun. Strength. Warmth.

The clouds are striated. It looks edible.

From the I-Ching # 22,..... shows one adorning (the way of) his feet.... He can discard a carriage and walk on foot. ..

... shows its subject with the appearance of being adorned and bedewed (with rich favours) .... one looking as if adorned, but only in white..... As if (mounted on) a white horse, and furnished with wings, ...... shows its subject adorned by (the occupants of) the heights and gardens..... He bears his roll of silk, small and slight. ....Link here

The best art is temporary.

# 3 April 11 - 19.   The 3rd decan of Aries is Driver. Jupiter.

Activity and motion. Driving the herd. The Rod can be used many ways. And misused. This energy will not loose money very often, excellent energy for business communications.

The description of the decan specifically says, reddish-brown.

View # 3 shows a lava flow emitting from the side of the mountain. Time to move the village. reddish-brown.

Juan Belmonte Garcia born April 14, is considered the greatest bullfighter of all time. Not, what the rod is for.

Portrait by Richard Linford...

I - Ching # 23,..... shows one overturning the couch by injuring its legs. (The injury will go on to) the destruction of (all) firm correctness, ..... shows one overthrowing the couch by injuring its frame. ,.... shows its subject among the overthrowers;

shows its subject having overthrown the couch, and (going to injure) the skin (of him who lies on it)

shows (its subject leading on the others like) a string of fishes, and (obtaining for them) the favour that lights on the inmates of the palace.

shows its subject (as) a great fruit which has not been eaten. The superior man finds (the people again) as a chariot carrying him. The small men (by their course) overthrow their own dwellings.

# 4 April 20 - 30. The first decan of Taurus is Fire. Venus. Taurus is Fixed earth.

Keeping an eye on the food. Watching it grow. The guests gather for a wedding. The prodigal daughter returns.

She can feed an army. Blue is communication and value. The desire for memory is born in Taurus.

Compare the nose to Barbara Streisand.

# 4 View of Mt Fuji. Here they come. Crossing the bridge between Aries to Taurus. Seeds need moisture.

Emotions are water. Romance is romantic.

Barbara Streisand. One of her most famous songs and acting performances,

The Way We Were " "memories, the corners of my mind"  link.."The Way We Were"

This Hexagram is directly related to the Kwan Hexagram # 2.  Also a river, and water. Indicating, Path.

I Ching # 24. Link .... Fû symbolises the idea of returning, coming back or over again. 5. The fifth SIX, divided, shows the noble return of its subject.

# 5 May 1 - 10.  The second decan of Taurus is Goat. Mercury.

Planting seeds throughout the land. Multi-tasking inseminator. 6 is flow. The conduit for energy to germinate seeds can be overwhelming. Children born during this time, can have active dream states and visions at a young age.

Alexandre Benois was Born on May 4.  Quote from his wiki page.." As a designer for the Ballet Russes under Serge Diaghilev , Benois' influence on the modern ballet and stage design is considered seminal. "   get it, seminal ?

# 5 view. Everyone is carrying something. The village bustles , the Mt is quiet.

# 25 I - Ching,.link .... shows one who reaps without having ploughed (that he might reap), and gathers the produce of his third year's fields without having cultivated them the first year for that end. To such a one there will be advantage in whatever direction he may move. the case of an ox that has been tied up. A passer by finds it (and carries it off), while the people in the neighbourhood have the calamity (of being accused and. apprehended).


# 6 May 11 - 20   The third decan of Taurus is Elephant. Saturn

Memory is complete. The Elephant never forgets. There is a companion, the Ram helps energetically.

The teeth, blanket, beards and moustaches. There is a strap. A need for support. The figure with crutches is clearly bearded.


Dali was born in Elephant decan.

From the I-Ching # 26 .. (If its subject do not seek to) enjoy his revenues in his own family (without taking service at court), there will be good fortune. ... shows a carriage with the strap under it removed. .. shows the young bull, (and yet) having the piece of wood over his horns. .... shows the teeth of a castrated hog.  Link Here

#6 Mt Fuji.  The poles are the teeth. The foilage is the hair.

There is a hidden man trying to get something between them.

2 couples enjoying a walk and picnic. Mt Fuji is stable earth tones. Motif of the sculpture.


# 7 May 21 - 31 The first decan of Gemini is Jewel. Saturn. Gemini is mutable Air.

Protective shell. Stable stance. Stability of active business. Skilled in the arts and writing. Basket on the horse is the shell. Hokusai didn't know what to put on the string, but knew it needed something. These people do not loosely give out private information, but communication is established. Concept of duality and the twins goes throughout Gemini.

7th decan is the 7th View of Mt Fuji..... From the I-Ching, Link " 'You leave your efficacious tortoise, and look at me till your lower jaw hangs down.' " ........4 swords, 4 thingy's.   es lo mismo,'s the same

Jacopo Pontormo,born May 24, 1494, ...the guy with pointy hat from jewel decan. It's busy. So much to do.

The statues are the swords. His buddies are behind him. He is handling many requests. (Escher was Gemini also)


# 8 June 1 - 10. The second decan of Gemini is Thread. The # 8 element in the periodic table is Oxygen.

Feminine pubescence. The thread is curving upward. The heart is pierced at the loss of virginity. Every cloud has a silver lining. Disheveled jewelry boxes. Tons of really cute ideas. Not one of the better tarot images. Perhaps it is reflective of Colman-Smiths own experience with puberty. The theme "pierce" is there.

I -Ching # 28 ..Link...shows one placing mats of the white mâo grass under things set on the ground.,... shows a beam curving upwards.,.... or an old husband in possession of his young wife .

Mary Engelbreit has tons of cute ideas, and she was born June 5.

Richard Long does outdoor pieces involving long threads. Born in Thread.

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