About Artstrology

Artstrology, is the recognition of, the patterns of all life, and geometric or thematic consistency's in the artforms of human beings related to their birth time. This recognition will be displayed visually and conceptually, thereby unveiling the principles of the set group of imagery from which ideas are selected and then brought forth into the world.

Art is the creative force of expression. It moves and creatively manifests the vibration of an idea. To weave a design into a cloth is to capture and manifest an idea. It begins with a single thread. A thread of primal creative force and vibration, is the initial vibration, or inspiration of a single idea. Inception.
Inspiration: To breathe in from the Air.

silk worm cocoon                                     wool thread making                                    plasma ball

There are many existing works of art which are either sets of drawings or paintings, photographs, sculptures, or written text, that clearly define and graphically illustrate the vibrations of the day a person was born. To go into explicit detail of a persons life, according to the day they were born, is the core of artstrology. The side benefit of this exploration is the unveiling of the commonality amongst the wisdom tools of all cultures. This presentation, could be considered a display of research results, which point to the origins of the conception of any given idea or work of art.

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A - R - T , is All - Real - Time.  The symbols of time to be used as calibration pieces on this site are carefully screened. They come from all cultures and are selected by the direct correlations with numerical orders of sacred text or drawings from around the world. They represent the physical and spiritual basis of artistic creation from the perspective of our understanding of time. Each system contains a natural polarity, or dualistic representation of positive and negative forces within each set of vibrations.

life needs food                                      balance

   The difference between magic and illusion is understanding. The Earth, being it's own artist, is an actively creative being, simultaneously balancing the creative and destructive forces. The lion and the water buffalo occupy the same grassland. The geometric and thematic commonality of species and personality can be exposed to show a unified interconnectedness of all life.

living being                                                                 capable of magic

Each person has the ability to be a genius of themself. If a person dedicates themself to finding that inner genius then they will automatically produce art of some kind.  To know the self,  is to attain the highest conductive energy of communication with the primal vibrations of the Creator.  The magic trick is to find the inner you and express it without regard for outside opinion. The inner voice.

         Once a person has done this, the product or whatever is created, can then be examined and this leads to the calibration of space-time.

as above, so below

    The ancient knowledge handed down to us by our ancestors and the invisible beings, is an accurate map of the physical manifestations of the pulsations or vibrations of rythmic space-time. The essence of life and the essence of Creator permeates all things and manifests into specific geometrical shapes and purposes. It is universal energy. When enough of mankind is aware of this universal cosmic principle, then we will have advanced to the next step of evolution. What we call the subconscious will take on new meaning, and this transformation will by necessity, find multiple new catagories of understanding, leading to a vast new frontier of artistic designation.

  If a person or project is born on a particular day, then they will manifest very specific geometric shapes and products. The shapes and products are easily discernable. No thing ever repeats with 100 % exactitude, so the learning of the products of vibration is a fluid process. Time flows and so does creation.

     When art is examined here, it is not a judgement of a person. It is a scientific exploration of the subconscious origin of ideas with the intention of nothing less than complete calibration of space-time knowledge.

  Strology of the Art, is Artstrology, and the day of a birth relates to the path of the being created. It applies to the artist and the individual work. This can, and will, be proven visually.

Welcome and please enjoy.


 My name is David Odell. I am the author and website administrator for Artstrology. It is entirely self funded. Most of my life has been spent in the arena of property maintenance and remodeling, or small building projects. I have no college or artistic background to speak of. In 2005 or so, I decided to divorce society and embark upon a path of spiritual exploration and simply allowed myself to be swept along in the river of life. This is the beach I washed up on. Along with my wife Esther, we spend all of our time continuing research and compiling data related to the site. For us, it has been, and continues to be, an incredible spiritual process. It could be said, that this website is a reflection of our journey to actively seek out and communicate with, the Artist who Created us.

 In the summer of 2007, Bernard Horeth, (Acid Monarch.com ) introduced me to the Zodiac of Dendera and its alignment with the Hindu decans. He compiled physical examples from magazines and books that showed a distinct correlation between the images of Dendera and the art of people born during the time that the images represented.
From there, I embraced the Mayan system of the 260 day calendar and the I-Ching. The same correlations were found there, and this has since led to the development of a universal approach to finding the limits and extent of the influence of time in the art of humanity and other beings.

 In May of 2008, I journeyed to Guatemala to meet the Spiritual Head of the Mayan people, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj and his wife Elizabeth. During the 12 day visit guided by Joseph Giove of CommonPassion.org, we traveled to many sacred sites and participated in various ceremonies and teachings. The day before we departed, Don Alejandro invited another Elder , Don Simeon Takira, to explain the meanings of the 20 days. As he spoke, Elizabeth translated to english and we all took careful notes. The day information listed on the date checker is the word for word transfer, from my notes on that day. There are things I probably missed, but I will not change any wording. Instead I would invite the curious to examine the examples of art and people to arrive at their own conclusions. The most emphatic thing they wanted to teach us during the trip related to the days, was a simple thing, Batz is the first day. By closely observing the product, the days define themselves.

The Mayan new year is celebrated on 8 Batz. The order of the uinals on this site are a result of my own findings. It is based on the theory that the artist who created us did so with an intention, and that intention would be most accurately defined in the last day of the cycle. That day would be 10 Tzi, manifestation of faithful loyal companions. Using this as a "last day" of a cycle would make the first day of a new cycle of 260, 11 Batz. As it was later found, this order directly correlates with the book of Genesis in the KJV version of the christian bible. It is considered an ongoing investigation. As the days are more important than the numbers. It depends on what one is tracking.

 The numbering of the fingers and toes and joints of the body is simply based on the theory that the right middle finger must be Qanil. Qanil is the sperm and the egg, and the seed of procreation. Being that we raise the right middle finger to signal to another person to "procreate themselves" it seemed a logical choice. This order would also make the right index finger, (the one we use for pointing direction) the Kej finger, which again is a logical conclusion. The conclusions can be drawn from self examination, and a knowledge of the days.

The basic intention of the site is to provide resources pertaining to the research of time and creation. It is our hope that others will see the benefits of such things, and make application to their own field of communal contribution.

David and Esther